Books by Aran Jones and Millie Slavidou

I am Amazon associate, what means I earn some little extra if you buy through these links. I’ve read these books recommended by their authors whom I know in person. They’re meant for people to learn something about the language learning and to be motivated on your yourney. Both books are bi-lingual in some parts.

Tatjana Prelog (aka KnightGhost)

On today’s day: April 27 – Random Online Stuff of Mine

In the year 2012 this music was uploaded on my SounCloud

The song was created with Magix Music Maker for not other reason but to unleash a bit of creativity power which was in me at that time.

In the year 2014 I’ve posted this image into my ArtWanted gallery.

Sea at Night - Part Two

This image was created out of kind of sad, a but depressed and lonely mood despite of a full house. It was meant to be only the Moon and the sea at night but I just felt I have to add that lonely seagull so here we go …

And I’ve answered a question on AskFm

What’s the largest amount of money you’ve ever lost?

60 € if we count cheating in too, otherwise 30 € was the largest.

There was some question answering on AskFm in the year 2015 also

Would you rather be royalty or a reality TV star?

Not even one.


In the year 2016 we’ve got snow …


Today it’s not as cold as it was last year and it doesn’t snow, just rains fortunately, but a week ago it was quite cold and many fruits will not ripe this year though.


Alert – Saith Seren faces closure – find out how SSiW is trying to help

For Cymraeg it is. If you care, please join us in atempt to hold facility open and running.



As you might have heard, the co-operative Welsh language and community centre in Wrexham, Saith Seren, is facing closure.

A team of volunteers have worked their guts out over the last 3 years to create this superb resource, which has been hugely welcoming (and often transformational) for Welsh learners. By giving people a place to use their Welsh, it’s helped turn them into real Welsh speakers.

Now, because the government has crazily refused to support them, they face closure because they’re £2000 a month short on rent.

We think it’s time all our learners rallied round.

If everyone sticks in a tenner a month, £2000 isn’t all that much. We can do this.

If you have a UK bank account, you can set up a £10 monthly payment to Saith Seren here:

NO PAYMENTS AT ALL will be taken UNLESS Saith Seren get enough support to keep their doors…

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On Today’s Day January 18 – An Interview is great site for answering questions even if no one asks you them directly but they’re daily ones suggested by the site itself. From those questions you can compose quite decent interview with yourself and that’s what I’m gonna do from the questions I’ve answered a year ago right now.

Let’s see hat I was asked and what was my response.

If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?
My son, my husband and my best friend.

Do you have a blog?
Yes, several od them. Do I have to write them down? Here they are:
1. Miracles of the awkward gamer
2. Random blog
3. Ghosty’s Live Home
4. Blurbs and Notes from Elswhere …
5. Holidays and travels
6. Blog on RTVSLO (in Slovene)
7. Tatjanap – The News
8. Bionicle knjige – Prevod (In Slovene)
9. Misli o … (In Slovene)  which has its equivalent English version
10. Thoughts about …
Well it could be there are more, but I don’t remember them. As you’d also see those bloga are more or less deserted, but they’re still interesting to read I believe so you can read them if you want.

Who was the last person you saw?
My husband saying me good night when he went to bed.

What scares you more than anything else?
War and being woman in such circumstances (if you understand what I want to say with that).

Would you leave your home country for the one you love?
Probably yes, but fortunately it wasn’t neccessary. My husband is my own nationality and resident of my home country …

What does money smell like?
Actually it stinks one way or another …

What will you never do?
Who knows. When you say there’s something you would never do, it comes to that that you do exactly what you said you wouldn’t. So, never say never they say.
However I believe I’d never kill a living being (unless it isn’t fly, mosquito or tick).

What is your favorite city?
I don’t have one. Actually I don’t like cities too much. Maybe because I didn’t visit to many of them.

How can you tell a good person from a bad one?
The first feeling is always the best but it has to be pure one not presumptions and judgement in advance.

All those questions were probably not answered exactly on today’s day, but if there says “1 year ago” it’s decent enough. How would I answer those questions today? Probably exactly the same way as I did 1 year ago.

If you’re interested, you can see all my answeres here where you can also put your questions through. However (you know) be nice and friendly.

On today’s day December 28 – Things I’ve posted on Facebook

Let it be limited on 3 things each year despite I’ve shared much more stuff most through twitter though.

In 2013
I’ve shared a petition to stop Wildlife Crime on Care2
I’ve shared a great article about best #rugby referee on this World by my opinion – Nigel Owens published in Wales Online
I’ve shared the invitation to all of you to buy beautiful photos of Slovenian places as framed canvas by one of great photographer I’ve encountered online and he lives in Slovenia – Ian Middleton

In 2014
The first post today was that about snow. We’ve got it in the night from yesterday to today and the difference is very well seen
I’ve shared Slovenia For You’s photo and invitation to come to spend holidays in my beautiful country
t always moves me how many kids are living in poverty and so I’ve shared this post posted by Striking Back

ON TODAYS DAY AUGUST 31 – 5 years of tweeting – 5 first tweets of the day

In 2009
Knight-Nui News 49th Edition is launched. Visit and enjoy. The next is jubilee – 50th one! Hurray

In 2010
Well, found substitute in our own radio (yup, our company owns one). Pear in on air

In 2011
The knight-nui Weekly is out! ▸ Top stories today via @knightghost

In 2012
I believe now, for athletes sake thsi ceremony should soon go to an end #paralympics #openingceremony #oi2012si

In 2013
The Music Daily is out! … ▸ Top stories today via @tomlukasmusic @petshopboys @bco100